20th Sunday of Year B

19th August 2018

One for the road

In our Catholic tradition we share in the life of Jesus by eating his body in the Eucharistic bread, something that agnostics and atheists find confounding. But for us it is way of admitting that we are all paupers when we come to the Eucharist and that we need this food for the journey.

For the journey through life is tricky, rough and confusing and few of us manage to avoid the occasional blind alley, slip or pothole. Just think of the times we have been snagged by a pattern of self harm, a destructive relationship, or a deep sense of emptiness.

The Eucharist is a very physical prayer: it is about eating, and is a consequence of the Word becoming flesh. It is also very democratic: The communion I receive is the same as that received by Pope Francis. It is the same communion received by a great sage or an autistic child.

Our Catholic tradition values the physical in everything, and this physical food is something we need for the road.

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