SHOWERS OF BLESSINGS THEN THE FLOODS ... On August 15 Bro.Shamon Devasia one of our young Indian students was ordained priest at his home village in Kerala in Idikki district, a mountainous region. Deo Gratias! Unfortunately due to the unusually heavy monsoon rainfall many roads were blocked by floods & landslides, so Fr. Enrico after a 5,000 mile journey was unable to reach his village in time and had to spend the night in a school hall.

WATERS OF DESTRUCTION- You can find internet news sites that show pictures of the flood devastation in Kerala this week. Several lost their lives and many thousands of people were evacuated from danger areas, including the parents of Fr.Biju.  Electricity and phones have been cut in many areas, and neither Fr.Biju nor Fr.Wilfred can contact any family at the moment.

ARCHBISHOP LONGLEY wrote to tell us that he has engaged an independent charity SCIE to study how safeguarding operates all over the Diocese, to highlight possible improvements. SCIE is a respected organisation and recently performed a similar service for the C. of E. The SCIE team leader will be Hugh Constant, and anyone in the Diocese is welcome to contact him directly:  020 7766 7374 or 07872 602207.  As always, our own Diocesan safeguarding team may be reached on 0121 230 6240

RECENTLY DIED Please remember in your prayers Teresa Cowlishaw (sister of our parish organist) and Susan Davis (grandmother of our parish secretary) May they rest in peace.

ST PEREGRINE DEVOTIONS FOR THE SICK will not take place during August.

NEWSPAPERS—To cover costs, please ensure you are paying the correct amount. Universe £1.30, Irish Post £1.50, Catholic Herald £2.50, Ireland’s Own £1.40, Sacred Heart Messenger £1.60, Tablet £3.20, Novena £3.50, Catholic Today 50p.

PLEASE PRAY FOR JIM GARVEY a long standing parishioner who died peacefully in Broadstone, Dorset on July 27th. We were a little late getting the news, as the family had moved away from Solihull a few months ago. The requiem will be on Tuesday 21st August at 13:00 at St. Anthony's Church, 135 York Road, Broadstone, Dorset, BH18 8ER.

We promised Tess that we would remember him in our prayers.

Funeral:  The family are aware that Broadstone is a long way from Solihull, but anyone who is able to travel will be most welcome at the funeral at St.Anthony’s, the burial afterwards at Harbour View Woodland Burial Ground, Lytchett Minster, and subsequent refreshments at the nearby Purbeck Tea Room. 

In Memoriam: Anyone wishing to make a donation in Jim’s memory is invited to give to  the Alzheimer's Society. Donations can be made via Tappers Funeral Directors.

MASS INTENTIONS - If you would like a Mass intention to be said, and the name published in the newsletter. please complete a white ‘Mass intention request’ envelope. For Mass intention requests for non published Masses, please complete one of the small coloured envelopes.  Please return to the Parish office or one of the members of the Sacred Heart Community and you will be contacted if appropriate.

SICK OF OUR PARISH-  If your name or the name of a friend or relative of yours is on the parish list of prayers for those who are sick, and you would like that name to remain on the list, would you please contact the Parish Office on 0121 706 0505.  New data protection rules oblige us to ensure that you or your friend or family member has consented to their name being on that list. This is because the list can be seen by a lot of people, as it may be put up on the noticeboard at the back of church, and it is available for anyone to pick up in church.  In a couple of weeks’ time, the list will be restarted with the names of all for whom the parish have consent. This is necessary to make sure the church takes proper care of your information and complies with current data protection law.

CHURCH CLEANING ROTA for week commencing 19th August, Group C .

FRIENDS OF THE HOLY LAND invite you to a day of solidarity with beleaguered Christians of the Holy Land at St. Francis parish centre Kenilworth Saturday 22nd September, 10.30 – 4.00. Attendance free. Lunch provided.. To book a place call 01926 512980.

CHILDREN’S LITURGY—Tiny Church and Little Church  will be back on Sunday 9th September at 9am Mass.

A BIG THANK YOU came from Pax Christi, the catholic peace movement recently thanking us for our contribution of £91.21 towards their work. The website offers lots of suggestions as to how individuals and parishes can help this valuable Christian ministry.

WELCOMERS- New lists of the rota are now available. The current list finishes on Sunday 12th August . Please collect your envelope from the Narthex. 

JOBS FOR THE BOYS (AND THE GIRLS!) Management at  Princethorpe School frequently notify us of vacancies for teachers and support staff. More details on their website

VACANCY—The SVP is seeking to recruit a Young Vincentians Programme Manager, and a Mini Vinnies Officer as part of the expansion of our youth programme.  Young Vincentians Programme Manager: £30k pa; full time permanent contract. Closing date: 15:00 on Thursday 23rd August 2018. Interviews: Thursday 30th August 2018. Start date: ASAP.  Mini Vinnies Officer: £23k pro rata; 2 days/wk; one year contract. Closing date: 10:00 Monday 20th August 2018. Interviews: Friday 24th August. Start date: ASAP.  Both roles based at national office. For more details & application pack, please visit the vacancies section of the SVP website:

CAR PARK—Please be considerate when parking/manoeuvring your car and please note there is no parking in either the Community and Staff designated areas and the front & rear of The Friary Residential block.  When parking on a Sunday, please do not park on or drive over the grass adjacent to the gate leading into the graveyard.  Only authorised cars to park at other times, by arrangement with the Parish Priest.

ACE CHILDCARE PRE-SCHOOL—Formerly Olton Friary Pre-School, situated at Olton Friary R C Church is opening on the 5th September 18.  Is your child aged 2-3 years? Are you looking for a caring environment where children blossom and learn in an exciting way?  They can offer 15 free hours funding for 2 and 3 year olds subject to eligibility criteria.  Please contact for further information: or on 07931 655459.

GOING TO UNIVERSITY THIS YEAR? Make sure you look out for your Catholic Chaplaincy…Most of our Universities and Higher Education Institutions have a dedicated Catholic Chaplain based in the university or the local parish. The Catholic Chaplaincy is a place for your to explore your faith as a young adult, to meet other young people with similar interests from a great range of backgrounds, and to get involved in activities and social outreach.  If you already have a strong faith, this is a chance to deepen it. If you are full of questions and doubts, this is a chance to share them and search for some honest answers about life and faith. Everyone is welcome!  To find your local Chaplaincy, and for contact details of all the University Chaplains and Catholic Student Societies, visit the “CathChaps” website here:

URGENT NEED FOR FOSTER CARERS — New Routes is the Fostering project of Father Hudson's Care, a Catholic Social Care Agency based in Coleshill, Birmingham.  They currently have 19 approved foster carer households and 22 children and young people being cared for within these homes.  These are some of the most vulnerable children in this country and they often come from a background of poverty, abuse, neglect and trauma.  Some are seeking asylum in the UK and come from war-torn and troubled countries.  There is a nationwide shortage of foster carers needed to provide a positive experience of family life to these children and young people.  They appeal for people to come forward to care for these children and provide them with the stability and security that they need to thrive.   They would like to recruit carers in the South Birmingham area.  Further information see

A HELPING HAND - Many thanks for your kind help and support to keep the Church tidy after each Sunday Mass by placing your hymns books (and other sheets if taken) back on the trolley in the narthex, please also take your newsletter home with you!

PAYMENTS BY CHEQUE - To help us pay in cheques at the bank, please note that cheques for Mass Intentions or members of the Community should be made out to 'Sacred Heart Fathers and Brothers'.  All other payments for the Parish should be made out to 'Olton Friary Church'.  Thank you.

ST PEREGRINE DEVOTIONS  A time to offer prayers for anyone who is sick and needs help and consolation.  There has been a prayer group here at the Friary over the last few years to support our brothers and sisters who are, or know anyone who is suffering from illness.  We meet every last Friday in the month at 2.30 pm in the Chapel at the Friary when we offer our prayers and petitions to St Peregrine.  St. Peregrine himself lived in the 14th Century in Italy and was cured of cancer after a night of prayer before an image of Christ crucified.  You will be most welcome to join us as we pray together.  In true Catholic tradition we always finish with tea and a chat.  Please contact Stella, if you would like any more information.

SUBMISSIONS FOR PARISH NEWSLETTER - Please forward submissions for the Parish newsletter (preferably by email to by Wednesday for inclusion in Sunday's newsletter. 

VISITORS - If you wish to gift aid your offertory donation, white visitor envelopes are available in the narthex.

VEHICLE CRIME ALERT - The neighbourhood Policing Team would like to draw your attention to an increase in vehicle crime in the area.  5 crime reduction tips—ALWAYS close the windows and doors in your vehicle, DON'T leave any valuables on display and where possible do not leave ANY valuables in the vehicle such as Satnavs, Mobile Phones, Wallets, Purses, Bags or iPods, ENSURE your registration plates are fixed using 'anti tamper screws', KEEP your car keys in a safe place in your house.

SAFEGUARDING - In this parish there have been strict guidelines in place for several years for the protection of children and vulnerable persons.  Anyone with a concern about safeguarding issues should ring the Diocesan Safeguarding Office on  0121 230 6240.

AFTER MASS COFFEE DURING THE WEEK - Would parishioners kindly remember to use the Day Chapel entrance to access the lounge for refreshments if Mass has taken place in the Church?  Use the intercom for enquires to the Parish office or if you have mobility difficulties.

SUPPORT FOR YOUR PARISH; THE GIFT AID OPTION - As a member of this parish, if you pay tax on income - be it on wages, salaries, pensions or dividends on investments - it is easy, to increase the value of your weekly parish donation/contribution at no additional cost to yourself.  So, if you have not yet signed up for the Gift Aid option please will you consider opting in to the Gift Aid Scheme now?  All you have to do to begin the process is to call to the parish Office on 0121 706 0505 indicating your intention.  Thank you.  Members of the scheme are asked to update any changes to address or tax situation, in order that accurate records may be kept.

KEEP YOUR VALUABLES SAFE - Please do not leave bags unattended in Church, even at Communion time.  Bags and valuables should not be left on display in cars as this can present a target for thieves.

OPEN HOUSE GROUP - Are you new to the Parish and aged 30+? Do you want to get more involved in Parish Life, but don't know where to start? The Open House Group has recently celebrated its tenth anniversary and its members are involved in various parish activities such as Traidcraft, Christian Aid, the Fast Supper, Welcome and Coffee Bar rotas.  We also have regular meetings in parishioners' homes for spiritual reflection and discussion of topical issues.  If you are interested in joining us please contact the Parish Office for more information.