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Third Sunday of Easter

An Unchanged Hunger

Lk 24:35-48

Cine-buffs of a certain age will recall a 1955 B-movie ‘Unchained’ about a prisoner who longs to come home. And even those too young to remember it will know its theme song, recycled every 10 years or so:    ‘Oh my love, my darling, I've hungered for your touch, a long lonely time..’

The lyrics are not Shakespearean but they do speak to the hunger for touch that so many people felt two years ago during the pandemic: ….. people dying without the touch of their sons… so many children unable to hug their grandma … so many friends unable to embrace .. We knew what it was like to hunger for touch.

But could this hunger be a pointer to the deep hunger we all feell to be touched by our God?

One of the powerful effects of the risen Jesus was that his body bore the marks of his wounds, and could be touched. Everyone from Thomas to Mary Magdalene to Simon Peter could see that this Lord knew what suffering was all about, and so could feel their pain. Somehow at the sight of it they all felt touched by God himself.

In our time many non-Christians angrily claim to reject God yet are hungry to know that someone somewhere in the heavens feels their pain.             

For many of our neighbours in 2024, we are the nearest thing they’ll ever see to the risen Lord. So if we are known as men & women who can feel their pain and understand their fears, then in some strange way they touch Jesus through us.                                                                                         

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