Twenty-Nineth Sunday

20th October 2019  

The power of hope Lk.18.1-8

Back in 1990 after Czechoslovakia gained its freedom, Vaclav Havel addressed the U.S Congress: He warned them against viewing his country as a passive recipient of Western aid, or merely a business opportunity.

‘We have much to learn from you (education, democracy, economics etc..)’ he said,  ‘…but we can offer you our experience and knowledge…born of suffering and powerlessness… namely that without a revolution of the human heart nothing can change for the better…’

Havel and millions of others learned through suffering that a better world begins inside us and not with grand economic plans whether capitalist or communist.

The corrupt official who features in today’s parable is a familiar figure in harsh regimes of  East and West, for many millions in our world still suffer daily under corrupt government.

But his heart was moved by a powerless woman who had vision, hope and persistence. As our own land is at present convulsed by the ‘B’ question, vision, hope and fairness struggle to find a hearing. May God continue to send us his prophets, and bless those who never give up hope. May he bless those who help move hearts, and keep alive the vision of a better world where people of all races have a space, and refugees are given shelter as part of one family under the Father in heaven.

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