28th February 2021

A touch of drama

Mark 9.2-10

From the school pantomime to the RSC many of us have missed live theatre during lockdown. And though Netflix & i-Player have made brave efforts to compensate, there is nothing quite like the live stage to connect with us deep inside.

In the gospel story as the life of Jesus unfolds there follows one dramatic event after another. From water into wine at Cana to feeding 5,000 to healing lepers, to facing down the Pharisees and then the drama of Calvary, Jesus’ life packed in more comedy, tragedy & history than 7 seasons at Stratford. And every scene deeply affected his audience.

The transfiguration on Mount Tabor was like a private showing for Peter James and John,  who were confused about who Jesus really was. They loved his company, his stories and his miracles but were puzzled that he upset so many ‘holy’ people and were afraid that some of these wanted to kill him.

Was he tempting them to betray their Jewish roots? And who could quell these hidden fears?

The answer came to them in drama on Mount Tabor. They glimpsed Jesus as Son of God, the person he really was, and it touched their innermost spirit.  The voices of  tradition (Moses & Elijah) spoke  words of reassurance;    and most importantly the Father  himself  reassured them:   ‘This is my Son my beloved, listen to Him’.

Reassurance rarely comes to us as a mountain-top drama! But it does come if we listen in prayer, and are ready to trust.     

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