9th May 2021

All you need is love

John 15.9-17

A few in our parish still recall 25th July 1967 when the BBC made history, airing the first live satellite broadcast connecting five continents simultaneously. “Our World” featured live contributions from 14 nations climaxing with The Beatles’ début of All you need is love, a John Lennon song that summed up the hopes of the flower-power generation.

Young people who marry in The Friary this year were not even thought of in 1967…nor their parents … but they share the same hopes & dreams. Hence the popularity at weddings of today’s scriptures like ‘let us love one another since love comes from God’  (1John 4.7)  and ‘love one another, as I have loved you’  (John 15.12)  

All you need is love  still speaks powerfully to our hopes & dreams, though we know that love has a price. True love comes with sacrifice. But many couples in our parish witness that in spite of the cost, they wouldn’t have it any other way. May God bless them all.

Pope Francis last year (Fratelli Tutti) recalled that love is social not just personal. Love for one another drives us to embrace the refugee or the brother of another race and the sister of another faith. In addition he urges us to do politics in a way that breaks down the walls of injustice that keep us divided. True love forces us to look seriously at trade, economy and care for the earth and dream a new way of working.

Is it God’s sense of humour that the lyrics of John Lennon, chime so well with Pope Francis’ invitation to dream?

  There's nothing you can do that can't be done
   Nothing you can sing that can't be sung       

          All you need is love… 

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