Feast of Christ the King 

22nd November 2020

Louder than words

Mt 25:31-46

Actions speak louder than words especially in our spiritual life. The parable of the sheep and the goats today is Jesus’ way of making this explicit: true faith will show itself in our willingness to do simple things, like welcoming the stranger, feeding the hungry or visiting those in prison.   

These simple things will take different forms for different people: so the stranger may be an asylum-seeker, or simply a new-comer to our parish. The hungry may be a suffering family in Sudan, or children hungry for affirmation in our own cities.

The prisoner today might be someone locked up in HMP Birmingham, or an elderly person locked down at home. The Covid rules may prevent us from  physically visiting those who are shielding, but they don’t stop us making a friendly phone call.

Whatever form it may take, there is no lack of opportunity for reaching out to the hidden Christ. ‘Whatever you do to the least of these brothers and sisters of mine you do to me’ 

Last month Pope Francis added a note of urgency to this in Fratelli Tutti:

“ We must work together in practical ways with people of all faiths for the healing of our world. The future of the human race literally depends upon it”

For a follower of Jesus, this is Christian spirituality in action, with the bonus of opening the door to making common cause with people of good will of other faiths.

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