Sixth Sunday of Easter 

Let go and let God



John 14:23-29

The old Pentecostal slogan ‘Let go and let God’ should be the cry of our time, because we millennials need to shed the illusion that we are  in charge of our destiny. Sadly War, Inflation & Climate change have all given us a sharp reminder. But since the illusion persists, here is a small list of crucial things that we cannot call to order:

We can guarantee pleasure but not happiness.

We can easily gain knowledge but not wisdom.

We can engineer congratulations but not respect.

We can decide to go to bed but not guarantee sleep. 

And we can organise a cease-fire but not guarantee peace.

All these good things come by gift.

That is why Jesus said to his apostles ‘My peace I give to you, a peace the world can never give’.

Learning to let go, and hand our will and our lives over to the God who loves us, is the roadmap of our spiritual journey. It doesn't mean sitting back and doing nothing! On the contrary we have work to do for Christ’s sake: there are people to heal, people to love, to forgive, to defend and to bless. But the precious fruits of this work will come according to God’s timetable and not to ours.

When Jesus ascended into heaven the apostles had to let go of the earthly Jesus they knew and wait for God to give them a new kind of presence. The timetable was out of their control but they learned how to ‘let go & let God’.      


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