33rd Sunday of Year B

18th November 2018

Who is our Time Lord?

For lovers of sci-fi, the gospel images of the end of the time are irresistible: the moon eclipsed, the sun turning black, stars falling from the sky, and flying spirits carrying hordes of people from all parts of the globe. Hollywood directors continue to quarry these images even today.

In 70 A.D. people thought Jesus’ words were fulfilled when the Romans destroyed Jerusalem. It looked like the end of Jewish history. A few centuries later, the Romans thought it fulfilled when Rome was destroyed by Visigoths. Later generations saw it fulfilled in the Reformation…the Great Fire of London … The Somme  …Hiroshima …the fall of the Berlin Wall ..Global warming...

But on occasion the darkening sun hits very close to home: the death of a child, the fracture of a relationship, a heart attack that completely changes our life. Where does our history go from here?

Infuriatingly, the gospel gives no easy answers, except to affirm that Jesus is the Lord of Time. He is the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega and that when the last chapter of our life is written, he will come as healer, king, lover and shepherd and make sense of the all those tangled webs that his children have woven here on earth. When time comes to an end, he will make sense of it all.

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