Twenty Fifth Sunday

Jostling for power                                    r

                   Mk 9:30-37       

The argument among the disciples as to ‘who was the greatest’ may bring a wry smile to the lips of those familiar with human struggles for power … in the boardroom … the staffroom … the Cabinet or even in the home. The disciples’ embarrassment at being found out has an authentic ring about it too: we don’t like people to know how ambitious we are!

But Jesus proposed a different kind of ambition: an ambition of service. It sounds old fashioned today to want to be a servant, but that is what we were created for: to serve one another with all our love, our gifts and our strength.

And the test of our service is how we welcome the little people in our lives. Jesus put forward a small child as an example, but we can make our own list of the ‘little’: the refugee, the unloved, the un-beautiful, the disabled, the addicted and the poor.  True disciples of Jesus will want to be close to the little people, and give them a welcome, and practise those beautiful gospel lines: the greatest among you must be like a servant


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