Easter Sunday 2019

21st April 2019

News that gives us energy

Mary of Magdala was the first to see what had happened, but it didn’t come to her like a news flash or a text message; it came slowly to a grieving heart, and it took some time to sink in. Peter and the others followed soon afterwards, but they too were slow to get the point. Why? 

Because Jesus risen is a truth that only the broken could perceive.

When you see family feuds healed by the power of forgiveness then you know that Jesus is alive. When you see a wasted life rebuilt on Christ after a decade of hopeless addiction then you know that Jesus is alive. When you see people in ethnic conflicts form community after discovering their common humanity, then you know that Jesus is alive.

We cannot get hold of this kind of truth as though it were a mathematical proof. In fact we have to let truth take hold of us! Mary, Peter and the others slowly began to see this on Easter Sunday morning and let the mystery of Jesus risen take hold of their broken hearts. For proof we only have to see how their lives were energised and changed.

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