28th Sunday of Year B

14th October 2018

There is no path

Antonio Machado one of Spain’s finest poets spoke to the uncertainty of our times when he said traveller there is no path; paths are made by walking’.

In this new age we have to chart a course through difficult choices in bio-ethics, uncertainty in personal relationships, and poverty of hope in politics. The path is uncertain.

So we can identify with the rich young man who asked Jesus what he should do in order to live forever. For like him we have a yearning to be immortal, and we want easy answers served up on a plate. But some questions cannot be answered in a sound bite, and they cannot be easily answered even with eloquent speeches.

Finding the path to take with Jesus can only be found by taking that path. We discover the road in taking the road. Peter, James, John, Mary and Martha learned along the way how the Good News was lived in practice.

For ourselves, we wonder how to heal a world wounded by eco-damage, poverty and racial tension. We try to find answers to complex bio-ethical questions, and try to live honestly in a world of fragile relationships. There is no simple path for all this, and the path can only be found in taking small steps and following them steadily one day at a time.

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