Six O' Clock Music Group

Welcome to Olton Friary 6 O' Clock music group. The 6 o' clock group has existed for 20 years, formed in 1996 from the group Lumen Mundi which existed in the late eighties and early nineties. Our group is largely comprised of teenagers and young adults in their early twenties. The group is led by a couple of adult leaders who guide the group in terms of liturgy and ensuring that the music is appropriate for the season and the particular Sunday.

The 6 o' clock mass has always been considered the Youth Mass at The Friary and the 6 o' clock group embodies the spirit of reaching out to young people by the choice of music and the character that it brings to the Sunday evening mass.

The group employs a mix of contemporary and more traditional hymns and songs so to strike a balance across the needs of the congregation. However, there is a strong emphasis towards more contemporary music such as that of Boyce and Stanley and other modern church music composers like Tim Hughes.

The 6 o' clock group also has a tradition of writing its own music and many of the psalms and communion songs have been written by current and past members of the 6 o' clock group. We really encourage group members to write music if they want to and find it enjoyable.

The group also plays and sings at weddings and at parish charitable events throughout the year. This gives people the opportunity to perform music from a range of genres in an evening entertainment setting. The group has a long tradition of supporting charities like HCPT.

As with many groups of teenagers and young adults, membership is quite transient as members of the group leave for university or other opportunities after school or college. We are therefore continuously recruiting and we would welcome new members at any time.

If you would like to sing at mass and at other times, make new friends and above all have some fun, please consider getting involved in the 6 o' clock group.

Our recruitment drive for 2024 is open and we hope to get new members.


We are currently looking for new members to join the Friary 6 o'clock youth choir group. We sing weekly at Olton Friary church at 6 o'clock mass, and practice on a Monday from 8pm-9pm and on a Sunday before mass from 5pm-6pm. If you would like to join the choir or have a chat to find out a bit more, please contact us by e-mail on the details below or alternatively come and see us after 6 o' clock mass.

Martin Hayden




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