Welcome Team

A smile is the universal welcome and at Olton Friary we have a team on arouns forty parishioners who work together in this special ministry welcoming people to Mass each week.

On a rota basis we arrive early for Mass to prepare the Church for opening. Onevery occasion we aim to make people feel welcome and included. We answer any queries, provide newsletters, hymn books and any other relevant information. We also offer invitation to tea and coffee after Mass in the Parish Hall. We are responsible for taking collections and liaise with the Sacristan to assist the organisation of the Offertory procession. At busy times we help people to find seats and provide direction for receiving Holy Communion.

If you have any questions, a member of the Welcome team is easy to find as we wear the Friary lanyard at all times. We are always eager for people to join this friendly group and if you wish to know more then please phone the Parish Office or contact Cecilia Campbell by email

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