24th January –31st January

Saints this week

Sunday 24th January—Word of God Sunday

Jon 3:1-5,10 1Co 7:29-31 Mk 1:14-20

9am – Norah Donnelly RIP

11am – People of the Parish

5pm – Margaret Hellyar (special birthday)

Sunday Vigil mass (Youtube)

Wright family in thanksgiving

Retiring Collection: Friary building fund

Dear Brothers & Sisters

We keep Word of God Sunday to give thanks for God’s word to us in holy scripture. Sadly our 2020 Year of the Word was rather stymied by the pandemic as it just about began.  Or was it? True, our own ambitious parish Year of the Word schedule was thwarted by Covid but so many people shared bible reflections on line & followed our Sunday readings intently on Youtube or livestream.

Building on what we have begun: The Diocesan website offers bible reflections, & we will share a weekly reflection in our church in lent.

The Conversion of St.Paul (Monday) is a powerful sign of hope for our worlds. Saul of Tarsus had the blood of Christians on his hands before he saw the light, but then became an ardent champion of peace.

Saint Edward Oldcorne (Wednesday) was part of the secret Jesuit mission to England at the end of the 16th cent and ministered at Baddesley Clinton. He was wrongly accused of a part in  the gunpowder plot and executed at Worcester in 1606.

St. Thomas Aquinas (Thursday) was the great theologian who worked to understand Christian teaching in the light of the newly rediscovered Greek philosophy that was slowly permeating Europe. He also worked on the connection between faith & reason, and insisted that Faith is not illogical, it simply fits together with human reason as a key fits in a lock. Thomas lived in the turbulent 13th century but his method and his insights still resonate after 700 years.






Monday 25 th January

Conversion of St.Paul (feast)

Ac 22:3-16 or Ac 9:1-22 Mk 16:15-18

07.45 SCJ Community mass- Private Intention

10.15 Meredith Nield RIP Livestreamed

Tuesday 26th January

Saints Timothy & Titus (memorial)

    2 Tm 1:1-8 or Tt 1:1-5 Mk 3:31-35

07.45 SCJ Community Mass: Ellen Squires

10.15 – CWL Rota mass

7-8 pm Adoration Livestreamed only

Wednesday 27thJanuary

St Edward Oldcorne (diocesan ..optional)

Heb 10:11-18 Mk 4:1-20

07.45 SCJ Community Mass: Holy Souls

10.15 In Honour of Our Lady Livestreamed only

6.30 pm Holy Rosary Livestreamed only

Thursday  28thJanuary

St.Thomas Aquinas ..Doctor of the church

Heb 10:19-25 Mk 4:21-250

7.45 SCJ Community Mass: Reginald Squires

10.15 Doug Ingleby RIP

Friday 29th January

Heb 10:32-39 Mk 4:26-34

7.45 SCJ Community mass: Michael Loftus

10.15 – Irene Mc Loughlin RIP

Saturday 30th January

Heb 11:1-2,8-19 Mk 4:35-41

10.15 Maureen Doyle

Sunday Vigil mass (Youtube)

Geoffrey Walsh RIP

Sunday 31st January: Fourth Sunday

Racial Justice Sunday

9am – People of the Parish

11am – Margaret Bresnan RIP

5pm – Tony Poole RIP

Retiring collection:

Catholic Association for Racial Justice