November 28th - December 5th

Advent season – Saints Old & New

First Sunday of Advent 28th November

Jr 33:14-16 1Th3:12-4:2 Lk21:25-28,34-36

9am Mass– Kirsten Durkin

11am Mass–John Keily RIP (4th Anniversary)

12.30 Baptism

5.00pm Mass*– People of the Parish

*Please note change of time for December-January

Youtube Vigil Mass  Rosalie Hankinson RIP

Retiring Collection: Christmas Flowers

Dear Brothers & Sisters

First Sunday of Advent is New Years Day for the church and a time for all of us to look ahead to the coming of Jesus into our world and renew our hope.

St.Andrew comes on Tuesday, brother of Simon Peter and one of the first apostles to be called. He is patron saint of Scotland, where St Andrew’s Night is celebrated with enthusiasm.

St.Edmund Campion a Jesuit martyr  of reformation times was put to death at Tyburn in 1581. His day is also celebrated in the Czech republic where he worked before returning to England.

St.Francis Xavier, also a Jesuit saint was a close friend of Ignatius the founder. He began missions in many eastern countries including India, Sri Lanka & Japan, and is deservedly popular there.

St.John Damascene went from being a quiet monk in 8th century Palestine to a popular preacher & theologian who defended the honour given to Our Lady as well as the custom of using holy pictures & statues as an aid to prayer. He was the first major Christian thinker to seriously attempt to understand Islam ...  a century after its birth.

Second Sunday of Advent (next Sunday) is our day for the parish readers to renew their dedication to this ministry, and we ask them to be present at the mass at which they normally read.

Third Sunday of Advent (December 12) is Bambinelli Sunday, the day we bless the crib figures of the infant Jesus that people have brought to church, a tradition made poplar by Pope John Paul II.

Carols for Commuters: Please feel welcome to join a small inter-church group at Olton Station to sing carols to rail travellers December 16: 4.45-6.15pm. No collection. Just a Christmas spirit.
























Monday 29th November

Is2:1-5 Mt8:5-11

07.30 Mass Private Intention

10.15 Mass Nora Donnelly RIP Birthday & anniversary

Tuesday 30th November

St Andrew-apostle

Rm10:9-18 Mt4:18-22

7.30  Mass Fr Dominic Innamorati SCJ

10.15 Mass Phillip Cunningham RIP

7.00-8.00 pm Adoration

Wednesday 1st December 

St.Edmund Campion –martyr

1Co4:9-13 Lk9:23-26

7.30 Mass Deceased members of Frigerio family

10.15 Mass Clare Webster

6.30 pm Holy Rosary Livestream

Thursday 2nd December 

Is26:1-6 Mt7:21,24-27

7.30 Mass John Brown RIP

10.15 Mass Veronica Sandy (special birthday)

 11.00-12.00 Adoration

7.30 Advent meditation

Friday 3rd December

St.Francis Xavier—First Friday

Is29:17-24 Mt9:27-31

07.30 Mass– Phillis Fahy RIP

10.15 Mass Francis Xavier Furlong

11.00-12.00 Adoration

Saturday 4th  December

St.John of Damascus (optional)

Is30:19-21,23-26 Mt9:35-

10.15 Mass– Linda Marie Kenward (Anniversary)

Youtube Vigil Mass  Maureen Smith

Second Sunday of Advent 5th  December

Ba:1-9 Ph1:3-6,8-11 Lk3:1-6

9am Mass– Members of the Morton Family

11am Mass–Evelyn & Michael McDermott (4th Annivy)

5.00pm Mass*– People of the Parish

*Please note change of time for December-January

Retiring Collection: Poor Parishes of the Diocese