22nd—29th November

Saints of the week

Sunday 22 Nov—Christ the King

Ez 34:11-12,15-17 1 Co 15:20-26,28 Mt 25:31-46

     9am– Marie Colley livestream only

10.00-1pm Church open-private prayer

5.00pm Mr Marwen Elsheik RIP

Youtube vigil Mass People of the Parish-

Thanksgiving mass – Brother Liam SCJ

Retiring Collection Diocesan Youth Service

Dear Brothers & Sisters

This is the last week of the church’s year and in seven days we begin Advent. It is a year that none of us will forget, the anguish and the pain of losing someone close, the fear of the virus, the frustration of lockdown, and the financial slump.

But were there also hidden blessings? Did we rediscover the priority of human relationships? The importance of good neighbours? Unexpected kindness from strangers? Quiet heroism from care staff & delivery drivers? Our end-of-year spiritual stock-take must note all these.

Our Saints this week are people who gave everything for Christ’s sake without counting the cost.

St.Columbanus (Monday) the great Irish missionary, roughly contemporary with St.Colomba (& often confused with him!) founded missions in France, Germany, Switzerland & Italy. The Columban Missionaries near us in Widney Manor are named after him.

St.Andrew Dũnc Lac & 117 Vietnamese martyrs (Tuesday) are just a small fraction of the total who gave their lives in Vietnam for Christ’s sake over some 300 years. The church in Vietnam is far larger today than that of Britain or Ireland.

St.Catherine of Alexandria (Wednesday) protested to the Roman Emperor about the persecution of Christians in Egypt. For this she was arrested and tortured on the infamous ‘Catherine Wheel’ and put to death in 305 AD.

Advent begins on Sunday, a time of preparation for the coming of Jesus. Could we use this time of partial lockdown to make space for prayer and savouring the Word of God? Several people in the parish have already opted to make the gospel of St.Luke their project for Advent. An excellent choice!

Monday 23 Nov

St.Columbanus (optional)

Rev 14:1-5 Lk 21:1-4

07.45 SCJ Community Mass Private Int.

10.15 Shay Donohoe RIP livestreamed only

Tuesday 24 Nov

St.Andrew Dũnc Lac & Vietnamese martyrs (optional)

Rev 14:14-19 Lk 21:5-11

07.45 SCJ Community Mass: Iain Kimberley

10.15 Sadie Doherty livestreamed only

11.00-13.00 Church open for prayer & Adoration

7-8 pm Adoration livestreamed only

Wednesday 25 Nov

St. Catherine of Alexandria

Rev 15:1-4 Lk 21:12-19

07.45 SCJ Community Mass-McGeown family

10.15 Leesha Simpson RIP livestream

6.30 pm Holy Rosary livestreamed only

Thursday 26 Nov

Rev 18:1-2,21-23,19:1-3,9 Lk 21:20-28

07.45 SCJ Community Mass Cardiff Family

 10.15 –Teresa McParland RIP livestream only

Friday 27 Nov

Rev 20:1-4,11-21:2 Lk 21:29-33

10.15 Cecily Kelly RIP livestream only

11.00-13.00 Church open for prayer & Adoration

Saturday 28 Nov

Rev 22:1-7 Lk 21:34-36

10.15 John Kieily RIP (3rd Anniv.) livestream

Sunday Vigil mass People of the Parish- Thanksgiving mass – Fr Dominic Immorati SCJ

YouTube only Links: 8.30 pm Friary Updates & Website

Sunday 29 Nov—Advent I

Is 63:16-17,64:1,3-8 1 Co 1:3-9 Mk 13:33-37 9am – Gerald Macklin RIP Livestream only

10.00-1pm Church open-private prayer

5.00pm –Deceased of Thomas Family livestream