Weekly Diary

April 14th - April 21st  

Third Sunday of Easter

Third Sunday of Easter  - 14th April

Act 3:13-15,17-19 1Jn 2:1-5 Lk 24:35-48

9.00 Mass - Alice Mullen RIP

11.00 Mass - Logan Farrell Rice RIP

12.30 Baptism

6.00pm Mass - People of the Parish

 Collection : St Patrick’s Missionary Society

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Acts of the Apostles this week continues the story of the extraordinary growth of the early church with its many ups and downs along the way.

Monday & Tuesday brings us the martyrdom of Stephen the first Christian martyr, who prays for his persecutors while being put to death,  just as Jesus did on Good Friday.

Wednesday tells of the violent persecution of the early Christians that frightens and scatters & demoralises them.

Thursday brings us the story of Philip who baptises the Ethiopian eunuch, who in turn plants the gospel seed in Africa, centuries before the name of Jesus was ever heard in Britain or Ireland.

Friday brings us is the conversion of Saul on the road to Damasus, an ardent pharisee who becomes by God's grace the chosen instrument to bring the gospel to the non Jews.

Saturday brings us the miracle of Peter raising to life Dorcas (or Tabitha) which echoes the miracles of Jesus and leads to the conversion of the people of Jaffa.

Next Sunday is Good Shepherd Sunday, a day of special prayer for vocations to priesthood and Christian leadership



Monday 15th April

Acts 6:8-15 Jn 6:22-29

7.30 Mass - Private Intention

10.15 Mass  - Barry Pyne RIP

Tuesday 16th April 

Acts 7:51-8:1 Jn 6:30-35

7.30 Mass -  Con Allen RIP

10.15 Mass - Bill Isles 

7.00 pm - Holy Hour (Day Chapel)

Wednesday 17th  April

Acts 8:1-8 Jn 6:35-40

7.30 Mass - Noel Ryan RIP 

10.15 Mass - George Wilkes RIP

11.00-12.00 Prayer Group (Day Chapel)

Thursday 18th April

Acts 8:26-40 Jn 6:44-51

 7.30 Mass John, Phillip & Andrew Cunningham RIP

10.15 Mass - Rita Farrell RIP

 Friday 18th April

Acts 9:1-20 Jn 6:52-59

7.30 Mass - Damayanthe Bahara RIP

 10.15 Mass - Ellen Wilkinson RIP

Saturday 20th April 

Acts 9:31-42 Jn 6:60-69

9.30 Confessions

10.15 Mass - Elizabeth & Jeffrey Sherrington 60th Wedding Anniversary

Fourth Sunday  of Easter 21st April

Acts 4:8-12 1Jn 3:1-2 Jn 10:11-18

9.00 Mass - Father Peter Eccles 

11.00 Mass - Golden Wedding

12.30 Baptism

6.00pm Mass - People of the Parish

 Collection : Diocesan priests Training Fund

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