13th-20th September


Sunday 13th

Twenty Fourth Sunday in Ord. Time

Ecc 27:33-28:9 Mt 18:21-35

9am – Maurice Colwill RIP

11am – Alistair Plummer RIP

6pm – People of the Parish

Dear Brothers & Sisters


Tomorrow we keep the feast of the Triumph of the Holy Cross which was so important to St.Michael our founder. Sometimes described as a ‘feast of Good Friday in happy times’, it highlights the cruel and messy death by which Jesus gave life to the world.


Our Lady of Sorrows is the consequent feast the next day (Tuesday). Many families have a picture of the pieta at home and can identify with the pain of Mary when they go through bereavement themselves.


Wednesday is the feast of two early Christian heroes who helped shaped the early church in times of persecution. Cornelius was the pope in the mid 3rd century who insisted that those who had denied their faith under duress should be allowed back into the fold. He was backed against the ‘ultras’ (who wanted permanent condemnation) by Cyprian bishop of Carthage.


St.Ninian (also on Wednesday) is familiar to Christians from Scotland and Northern England as the apostle to Southern Scotland in 397 AD some 200 years before St.Columba.


St.Robert Bellarmine (Thursday) was a counter-reformation Jesuit theologian who tried (with little success!) to bring some moderation into the church's quarrel with Galileo.


St.Theodore of Tarsus (Saturday) is the only Archbishop of  Canterbury to have come from Turkey. Born in 601 in St.Paul’s home town, he spent most of his life as a scholar-monk who spoke several languages. But at the age of 65 the pope picked him as Archbishop of Canterbury when the previous favourite unexpectedly died. In quick succession he has ordained deacon & priest & bishop. His 20 yr tenure as Archbishop in England  was surprisingly successful, and he is remembered as a force for unity and a champion of the Synodal style of church government so important to Pope Francis today


Monday 14th

Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Nu 21:4-9 or Ph 2:6-1 Co Jn3:13-17

Intention for mass in the Day Chapel:

07.45 Private Community Mass

– Private intention

Tuesday 15th

Our Lady of Sorrows

1 Co 12:12-14,27-31 Jn 19:25-27

10.15 – Noreen Noone RIP

Wednesday 16th

Ss Cornelius & Cyprian

1 Co 12:31-13:13 Lk 7:31-35

Intention for mass in the Day Chapel:

07.45 Private Community Mass –

Colette Frazer RIP

Thursday 17th

St.Robert Bellarmine (optional)

1 Co 15:1-11 Lk 7:36-50

 10.15- Caroline Jenkinson RIP

Friday 18th

1 Co 15:12-20 Lk 8:1-3

10.15 – Special Intention J.B.

Saturday 19th

St.Theodore of Tarsus

1 Co 15:35-37,42-49 Lk 8:4-15

10.15 – Michael Fernando RIP

Sunday 20th

Twenty Fifth Sunday in Ord. Time

Is 55:6-9 Ph 1:20-24,27 Mt 20:1-16

9am – Pauline O’Dowd RIP (1st Anniversary)

11am – John & Agnes Caffrey & members of Caffrey & Rush families RIP

6pm – People of the Parish