12th-19th July


Sunday 12th

Fifteenth Sunday in Ord. Time

Sea Sunday

Is 55:10-11 Rm 8:18-23 Mt 13:1-23

9.00 Speedy recovery

11.00 Daryl Hickey

6.00 People of the Parish

Dear Brothers & Sisters


This week we continue cautiously opening our church in a restricted fashion, attentive to the advice of both Diocese and Government. We are a long long way from ‘back to normal’. By the grace of God we get the right saints at the right time, and this week is no exception.


St.Camillus de Lellis (Tuesday) was from a rich family in Italy like Francis of Assisi, and like Francis led a riotous early life before his time of conversion at 25. He tried twice to join the Franciscans but was turned down on health grounds, so he founded his own Order to care for the sick paying particular attention to the poor and plague-affected whom no one would touch. A good intercessor in a time of pandemic!His Order (the Camillians) only has a small presence in the UK but our brothers in India & Thailand have a good working rapport with the Camillians where they are more plentiful.


St.Bonaventure (Wednesday) was the great theologian of the early Franciscans, and his image is in our church in the St.Francis chapel. Like St.Francis he championed the use of the senses in spirituality and despite sharing the typical Franciscan aversion to power & honour he was honoured as a theologian. The pope even offered him the Archbishopric of York on one occasion  but he turned it down.


Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Thursday) has always been a special day for Carmelites, who trace their origins to 12th century hermits living on Mt.Carmel (near Haifa). But as our Sacred Heart Congregation owes much to St.Miriam Bouardi a Carmelite mystic born a few miles away, we keep it as one of our feast days too.


Stella Maris: The miracle cited in 1Kings 18 when rain came down on Elijah’s sacrifice began with a small white cloud out at sea. Later Carmelite tradition has Elijah viewing this pure cloud as an image of the Virgin foretold in Isaiah 7.14. Tradition connects this with the ancient title Our Lady Star of the Sea.

Monday 13th

Is 1:10-17 Mt 10:34-11:1

Intention for masses in the Day Chapel:

People of the Parish

Tony Davies

Tuesday 14th

St.Camillus de Lellis (optional)

Is 7:1-9 Mt 11:20-24 People of the Parish

10.15 Mary Mc Goldrick RIP

Wednesday 15th

St Bonaventure (memorial)

Is 10:5-7,13-16 Mt 11:25-27

Intentions for masses in the Day Chapel:

People of the Parish

Bridget Molloy RIP

Thursday 16th

Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Is 26:7-9,12,16-19 Mt 11:28-30

People of the Parish

Friday 17th

Is 38:1-6,21-22,7-8 Mt 12:1-8

People of the Parish


Saturday 18th

Mi 2:1-5 Mt 12:14-21

Intentions for masses in the Day Chapel:

People of the Parish

10.15 Nan (Anne) O’Malley RIP

Sunday 19th

Sixteenth Sunday in Ord. Time

Wi 12:13,16-19 Rm 8:26-27 Mt 13:24-43

9am People of the Parish

11am Tony Mc Skeane RIP

6pm Margaret Moloney RIP