Companions of Betharram had a lovely trip to Lourdes and they remembered you in their prayers.  Thank you for remembering them in your prayers.

Many thanks to sponsors of the SCJ sponsored Walk.  A total of  £570 was raised. For SCJ Missions.  (Please return outstanding sponsorship promised).

CELEBRATION OF LIFE: you are invited on Sat 9 November at 10.15 am to celebrate the lives of all those in our Parish who have died during the last year.

JOURNEY IN FAITH (JIF) - 8 pm Monday 4 Nov: Faith & Science is there a difference? (John Wilson); 11 Nov: The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Me. (Fr Biju & Neil Holloway); 18 Nov: Our Personal Relationship with Jesus (Anne Cartwright)

REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY will be on Sunday 10th November.  All children and parishioners are invited to plant a bulb after 9am Mass. The gardening team will again prepare a small plot at the front of the church for 100 bulbs to be planted and hopefully add to the display of crocus in the spring for all to see.

There will be a minute of prayerful silence at 11 a.m. Mass.

REMEMBRANCE CONCERT for HCPT coming up on November 9 at 7.00 pm. Tickets on sale today £10. Includes buffet supper. Proceeds for the Lourdes Special Needs Children's Pilgrimage.

CAROL SERVICE-The choirs invite anyone who enjoys singing to join for the Carol Service this year.  Doesn't mean you have to be a choir member. Just attend a few rehearsals & enjoy yourself. Interested? please see Geraldine Gnych

WELCOMING THE NEW BORN CHRIST will take place on Wednesday 11th December at 7.30 pm.  Spend a short time with friends and neighbours reflecting, through prayers and readings, as you start your Advent journey of preparation for the birth of Christ.  If you would like to offer your home as a venue, please contact Fr Biju.

LOOKING AHEAD: Some Important dates

* Nov 9 : Celebration of Life Mass 10.15

* Nov 9:   HCPT Concert  7.00pm

* Nov 14:  Confirmations 7pm.

* Nov 30 Christmas Bazaar 12-3.00 pm

* Nov 30 Chengeta Concert 7.30 pm

BLESSING OF GRAVES: Woodlands  3rd Nov; Brandwood End 3rd Nov; Robin Hood,  10 Nov; Widney Manor  17 Nov; Yardley 24 Nov.  All at 2pm.

PARISH CHRISTMAS CARD design competition.  Children, please submit your design (in portrait) to Fr Biju by Sunday 17th November at the latest.

PARISH & SCHOOL CHRISTMAS BAZAAR at OLC –change of date- will now take place on Saturday 30 November 12-3pm.  If you are able to help please leave your contact details with the Parish Office.  Please offer raffle prizes!.  Thank you.

MASS OF THANKSGIVING- On Sunday 29th December 2019, the Feast of the Holy Family, at 11 o’clock,  We would like to have a special Mass of Thanksgiving for all couples who have celebrated significant wedding anniversaries this year – 25 years silver, 30 years pearl, 35 years coral, 40 years ruby, 45 years sapphire, 50 years gold, 55 years emerald, 60 years diamond, 70 years platinum, or any couples celebrating over 55 years of wedded bliss!  Please contact us in the office or the wedding team   We hope you will be able to join us on this special day to receive a special blessing.

CHURCH CLEANING ROTA for week commencing 3rd November, Group F. 

MANY THANKS for collection last week for Friary Building Fund £129.50

FRIENDS OF THE HOLY LAND keep their 10th Anniversary with an ecumenical service at Coventry Cathedral  on 16th Nov 10.30 am followed by a National Conference with light lunch at Welcome Centre 12.30pm See: www.friendsoftheholyland. anniversary.

PARISH HEALTH & SAFETY GROUP need volunteer(s) to give occasional advice on good practice in 2 areas (i) Legionella risk and (ii) Disability provision. If you have experience of this at work please contact parish office or speak to Fr.Austin.

CHENGETA SCHOOL PROJECT ZIMBABWE—We will be holding our 12th Annual Christmas Dinner at Olton Friary on Saturday 30th November from 7.30—10.30 pm.  Cost £12.  Choice of mains, choice of deserts, raffle, quiz, update on the project, entertainment, parting, tea, coffee, soft drinks throughout.  Tickets from Jim Noonan 07593298704.

‘THE VALUES, GIFTS AND STRUGGLES OF OLDER PEOPLE' a talk by Pippa Bonner - from her hospice and social work, therapeutic practice, dementia care, as well as spirituality and theology.  An ACTA event on November 17th Sunday at St Mary’s Parish Centre, Vivian Rd, Harborne, B17 0DN. 1.30pm tea, 2.00 talk, finish 4.00pm. Discussion and Q&A. Everyone welcome.  No charge.  Contact ACTA

CHRISTMAS WREATH WORKSHOP December 6th: Many thanks to all who have signed up.  Please pay  organisers a £12 contribution for materials a.s.a.p. as these must be ordered in advance.

EU SETTLEMENT SCHEME— The Home Office is funding REFUGEE & MIGRANT CENTRE RMC to help vulnerable and at-risk EU citizens and their family members who need additional support to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme.  See notice board.  rmc Birmingham 57 Frederick Street, B’ham, B1 3HS Tel: 01214 3740140

BETHANY FOOD BANK (Who received some of the Harvest food collection) say a big thank you for the kind donation of food. This will go a long way to feeding the many people who use the food bank.  They are feeding over 1000 people per month and food runs out quickly so thank you.

GIFT AID SCHEME—Members, please inform the Parish Office of any changes to address or tax situation in order that accurate records may be kept.  If you wish to join the Gift Aid Scheme, forms are available at the back of Church, or please contact Rheann Byrne 706 0505.

WEBSITE—  Please can Parish Groups check their details & contact the office with any changes or amendments to their info so that the website can be kept up to date? 

Bp CHALLONER TEACHING SCHOOL ALLIANCE works with over 40 Primary & Secondary schools in the Birmingham area to help new teachers into the profession. Free Information Morning on Wednesday 6 November  9.00 am to find out more about School Direct/PGCE See for details, or

HALL BOOKINGS from external groups, particularly regular users are a useful income toward the upkeep of the Church. If access is needed to hall or kitchen during these times, please liaise with the Parish office or Community first.

NEWSPAPERS: To cover costs please do pay the correct amount.   Universe £1.50; Irish Post £1.50;   Catholic Herald £2.70; Ireland’s Own £1.50; Tablet £3.60; Sacred Heart Messenger £1.60.  Many thanks.

CREMATION PLOTS (new area) Following previous notes re- borders & stones barred for H&S danger to graveyard volunteers; please also note that plots are set out in vertical strips, in plots for two.  So borders & stones added around memorial tablets are encroaching on the space of a loved one, and should be removed.

SOLIHULL/HEARTLANDS HOSPITAL emergencies Please ask hospital Switch-board for the on-call Catholic Priest on 0121 424 2000, they will then phone the duty Priest. The Catholic Chaplain at Solihull & Heartlands Hospital is Fr Roger Raven. Data protection law now means that a visit from a Priest must be actively requested. He has no access to patient files.

A HELPING HAND-Many thanks for your support in keeping the Church tidy each Sunday by placing your hymns books (& other sheets) back on the trolley in the narthex. Please also be sure to take your newsletter home with you!

GOING TO HOSPITAL -Please let your parish priest know if you’re going into hospital. On admission ask for the Catholic chaplain as Chaplains no longer receive names of Catholic patients unless they opt in.

HYMN BOOKS - Please take good care of our hymn books & remember to pray for the person named inside the front cover. Strangely a few books do go missing each year so please check your home & car and return any stray books a.s.a.p. to Church. 

SECURITY NOTICE - Please ensure Friary doors are kept closed & locked when necessary.  If you attend a meeting please make sure that the last one out has secured the outside doors.  The front door should not be left on the hook unattended.  Besides Church security, the Friary is home to priests & brothers who need to know they are safe.

VISITORS – If you wish you can gift aid your offertory donation. White visitor envelopes available in narthex.

CHARITY COLLECTION BOXES for SVP and St Basil’s charities are built into the left and right hand sides, at the back of the Church.  Built-in boxes can be found in the narthex for St Anthony’s bread (used to help the poor in the local area) and Holy Souls (used for Mass intentions for Holy Souls).

HOUSEBLESSING/HOUSEMASS If you’d like your house blessed or a house Mass this summer esp. if housebound or for special occasion, please arrange with Fr Biju.

FLOODLIGHT DEDICATION—You are able to have the Church floodlit in memory of someone.  A suggested donation is £10 a week, the name of the person in whose memory it is in would appear in the newsletter.  Forms are available in  narthex, or from parish office.

ST PEREGRINE DEVOTIONS: A time to offer prayer for anyone who is sick and needs help and consolation, especially someone suffering from cancer. The St.Peregrine Prayer Group has met here at the Friary over the last few years to support our brothers and sisters who suffer from illness. We meet every last Friday each month at 2.30 pm in the Day Chapel and offer our prayers and petitions to St Peregrine. St. Peregrine  lived in 14th Cent Italy and was cured of cancer after a night of prayer before an image of Christ crucified.  You will be most welcome to join us as we pray together.  In true Catholic tradition we always finish with tea and a chat.

THE SICK OF OUR PARISH - If your name or the name of a friend or relative was on the parish list of prayers for the sick, and you would like that name to remain on the list, would you please contact the Parish Office on 0121 706 0505.  Data protection law obliges us to ensure that you or your friend or family member has consented to being on the list, as it can be seen by many, (e.g. church notice board) and is available for anyone to pick up.  We make great efforts to ensure the church abides by new data protection and privacy law.

CAR PARK—Please be considerate when parking/manoeuvring your car and please note there is no parking in either the Community and Staff designated areas and the front & rear of The Friary Residential block.  When parking on a Sunday, please do not park on or drive over the grass adjacent to the gate leading into the graveyard.  Only authorised cars to park at other times, by arrangement with the Parish Priest.

SUBMISSIONS FOR PARISH NEWSLETTER - Please forward submissions for the Parish newsletter (preferably by email to by Wednesday for inclusion in Sunday's newsletter. 

VISITORS - If you wish to gift aid your offertory donation, white visitor envelopes are available in the narthex.

VEHICLE CRIME ALERT - The neighbourhood Policing Team would like to draw your attention to an increase in vehicle crime in the area.  5 crime reduction tips—ALWAYS close the windows and doors in your vehicle, DON'T leave any valuables on display and where possible do not leave ANY valuables in the vehicle such as Satnavs, Mobile Phones, Wallets, Purses, Bags or iPods, ENSURE your registration plates are fixed using 'anti tamper screws', KEEP your car keys in a safe place in your house.

SAFEGUARDING - In this parish there have been strict guidelines in place for several years for the protection of children and vulnerable persons.  Anyone with a concern about safeguarding issues should ring the Diocesan Safeguarding Office on  0121 230 6240.

AFTER MASS COFFEE DURING THE WEEK - Would parishioners kindly remember to use the Day Chapel entrance to access the lounge for refreshments if Mass has taken place in the Church?  Use the intercom for enquires to the Parish office or if you have mobility difficulties.

KEEP YOUR VALUABLES SAFE - Please do not leave bags unattended in Church, even at Communion time.  Bags and valuables should not be left on display in cars as this can present a target for thieves.

OPEN HOUSE GROUP - Are you new to the Parish and aged 30+? Do you want to get more involved in Parish Life, but don't know where to start? The Open House Group has recently celebrated its tenth anniversary and its members are involved in various parish activities such as Traidcraft, Christian Aid, the Fast Supper, Welcome and Coffee Bar rotas.  We also have regular meetings in parishioners' homes for spiritual reflection and discussion of topical issues.  If you are interested in joining us please contact the Parish Office for more information.