Down on the farm:  near Abidjan, Ivory Coast our priests and brothers run a farm called Tshanfeto, which in the local language means ‘Rise up’. We give agricultural education to poor rural youngsters who would otherwise have little chance of employment, and teach productive sustainable agriculture. The local climate favours market gardening, and many of our alumni have been enabled to earn a good living.

Rome encounter: last week our Council of the Congregation (which  includes Fr.Enrico) met in Rome to share an overall view of the workings of our communities and apostolates in 15 different countries. They were joined for a few days by Regional Bursars (including Fr.Austin) to work out how to finance so many ministries on a shoestring budget! They met with the confidence that if our missions are according to God’s will then somehow the necessary support will materialise.

BLESSING OF GRAVES - At The Friary we bless the cemetery in July but there are many grave blessings in our vicinity this month:  All at 2 pm.

Lodge Hill: 18 November:

Yardley: 18 November:

Robin Hood: 25 November

Wythall: 25 November

St. Nicholas: 25 November

CONFIRMATION on Tuesday 20th November at 7pm. We welcome Bishop Byrne to administer the Sacrament of Confirmation for the young people in our parish.  Please remember them in your prayers.

ST PEREGRINE—The meeting on Friday 30th will begin at 2.30pm.  It will commence with the usual prayers and be followed by a Mass for the sick.  Fr. Biju will celebrate this Mass for which we are grateful.  We will finish as usual with refreshments in the lounge.  You are all most welcome.  For information contact via parish office.

CHRISTMAS BAZAAR will take place on Saturday 1st December at OLC school from 12 noon.  Willing hands needed. We are looking for people to help set up, run stalls and clear away on the day. Please leave contact details with the Parish office if you can help or donate a Raffle prize.  Requested donations greatly appreciated:  Good quality teddies & toys; Fancy Goods; Sunday 18th Nov. Bottles; Sunday 25th Nov. Everything; Saturday 1st December-Donations of cakes.

JOURNEY IN FAITH – Continues 8.00 pm on Monday in the Friary Library. For all who are interested in being received into the catholic church, for family & friends & sponsors & all who  interested in deepening their faith.  19th Nov: My personal faith journey (Bill Johnson), 26th Nov: Prayer: getting to know God (Rose Murphy), 3rd Dec: Advent: a time of preparation (Carol Foster), 10th Dec: The Word became flesh: he pitched his tent among us. (Fr. Austin).

CHURCHES TOGETHER IN OLTON ADVENT SERVICE - There will be a joint Advent Service led by the Baptist Church on Sunday 2nd December at 6pm at Langley Secondary School, Kineton Green Road. All are welcome.

GRAVES & CREMATION PLOTS – This is a sensitive issue, but please be advised that borders and stones etc. around memorial tablets pose a safety risk to maintenance staff and are still prohibited. 

Please arrange removal if appropriate so that the area can be maintained.  A copy of our graveyard regulations is now displayed on the parish noticeboard for your information.  Ref. item no. 15:  The cremation plot size is a standard 51” X 18” or 130 cm X 46 cm.  If you need any clarification of what is allowed in the graveyard, or wish to receive a copy of the graveyard regulations, please do not hesitate to contact Rheann Byrne, Parish Administrator. 

CHURCH CLEANING ROTA for week commencing 18th November, Group D.

PANTOMIME 2019 AUDITIONS - The Friary Players’ auditions for ‘Aladdin Trouble’ will be held today 18th November, 3-5pm, in the parish rooms at the Friary. As last year, the cast will be led by junior members, aged 8-17. Auditions are not only for actors! Anyone of any age who’d like to be part of the back stage crew, set design, costumes, make up, front of house, promotion, etc. are invited too. Come along and join the fun! 

FRIENDS OF THE HOLY LAND—Friday 7th December at 7.30 pm: the Friends of the Holy Land will be holding our Second day dedicated carol service at Lichfield Cathedral, led by the Cathedral Choir.  Tickets £10 including refreshments.  All profits go to help support Christians in the West Bank, Gaza, Israel & Jordan. What better time to raise awareness of the plight of Christians living in the Holy Land than Advent, when hearts & minds naturally turn towards the little town of Bethlehem. To book tickets call 01926 512980 or

REMEMBERING WORLD WOR ONE- A big thankyou to all who took part in our remembrance concert on November 10th.  A combined community effort made this a night to remember. Over £1500 was raised for the Lourdes HCPT children’s fund.

FATHER HUDSON'S CARE sent a thankyou note for £251.16 given by the parish recently.

SVP UPDATE-For the last five years, teams of volunteers from our Parish have been regularly going to Birmingham City Centre,  to serve home-made soup & sandwiches to men & women sleeping rough on streets.  We urgently need new volunteers.  With several teams of volunteers,  your commitment would only be to go out about three times a year, 3rd Monday of the month. We meet at the Friary at 6.30 pm & serve food in the City Centre by St Michael's Church, 7 to 7.30 pm. We are usually back at the Friary about 8pm. If you’d like more details please contact Mary Scott  via the Parish Office.

A FAMOUS BELGIAN- this year Google honoured Fr.George Lemaître for his contribution to science. This little known catholic priest back in 1927 was the first to propose the Big Bang theory of the origin of the universe. And two weeks ago the International Astronomical Union voted to change the name of the Hubble Law to the Hubble-Lemaître Law

SIXTH FORM OPEN EVENINGS— St Peter’s Catholic School Thursday 6th December 5.30pm-7.30pm.  Headteacher’s address: 5.40 & 6.40 pm.

St Edmund Campion School -Thursday 22nd November at 6:30pm-8:30pm.  For information - 0121 675 7628.

200 CLUB DRAW NOVEMBER—1st: £100, 167 MRS PAM McCULLAGH,  2nd: £50, 186 MRS A MITCHELL,  3rd: £20, 112 MRS E SUMNER,  4th: £10, 12 ROS SHERMAN,  5th: £10, 160 MRS C FULLARD,  6th: £10, 176 JEAN IP.

CHENGETA SCHOOL PROJECT— Our 11th Annual Christmas Dinner will be at the Friary on Dec 1st.  7.30 pm to 10.30 pm to further expand the school with a nursery building, providing electricity and deepening our well.  Tickets £12.00. Choice of mains and deserts, entertainment and project update.  Tickets from Jim Noonan at church or on the door.  God bless you all.

SOLIHULL CHORAL SOCIETY  present ‘On Christmas Night’, 7.30 pm Saturday 8th December at the Friary. Tickets from

VISITORS– If you wish to gift aid your offertory donation, white visitor envelopes are available in the narthex.

THE SICK OF OUR PARISH - If your name or the name of a friend or relative was on the parish list of prayers for the sick, and you would like that name to remain on the list, would you please contact the Parish Office on 0121 706 0505.  Data protection law obliges us to ensure that you or your friend or family member has consented to being on the list, as it can be seen by many, (e.g. church notice board) and is available for anyone to pick up.  We make great efforts to ensure the church abides by new data protection and privacy law.

PARISH GIFT AID —Members please inform Parish Office of any changes to your address or tax situation in order that accurate records may be kept.  If you wish to join the Gift Aid Scheme, the forms are available at the back of Church, or please contact Rheann Byrne 0121 706 0505.

CAR PARK—Please be considerate when parking/manoeuvring your car and please note there is no parking in either the Community and Staff designated areas and the front & rear of The Friary Residential block.  When parking on a Sunday, please do not park on or drive over the grass adjacent to the gate leading into the graveyard.  Only authorised cars to park at other times, by arrangement with the Parish Priest.

A HELPING HAND - Many thanks for your kind help and support to keep the Church tidy after each Sunday Mass by placing your hymns books (and other sheets if taken) back on the trolley in the narthex, please also take your newsletter home with you!

PAYMENTS BY CHEQUE - To help us pay in cheques at the bank, please note that cheques for Mass Intentions or members of the Community should be made out to 'Sacred Heart Fathers and Brothers'.  All other payments for the Parish should be made out to 'Olton Friary Church'.  Thank you.

ST PEREGRINE DEVOTIONS  A time to offer prayers for anyone who is sick and needs help and consolation.  There has been a prayer group here at the Friary over the last few years to support our brothers and sisters who are, or know anyone who is suffering from illness.  We meet every last Friday in the month at 2.30 pm in the Chapel at the Friary when we offer our prayers and petitions to St Peregrine.  St. Peregrine himself lived in the 14th Century in Italy and was cured of cancer after a night of prayer before an image of Christ crucified.  You will be most welcome to join us as we pray together.  In true Catholic tradition we always finish with tea and a chat.  Please contact Stella, if you would like any more information.

SUBMISSIONS FOR PARISH NEWSLETTER - Please forward submissions for the Parish newsletter (preferably by email to by Wednesday for inclusion in Sunday's newsletter. 

VISITORS - If you wish to gift aid your offertory donation, white visitor envelopes are available in the narthex.

VEHICLE CRIME ALERT - The neighbourhood Policing Team would like to draw your attention to an increase in vehicle crime in the area.  5 crime reduction tips—ALWAYS close the windows and doors in your vehicle, DON'T leave any valuables on display and where possible do not leave ANY valuables in the vehicle such as Satnavs, Mobile Phones, Wallets, Purses, Bags or iPods, ENSURE your registration plates are fixed using 'anti tamper screws', KEEP your car keys in a safe place in your house.

SAFEGUARDING - In this parish there have been strict guidelines in place for several years for the protection of children and vulnerable persons.  Anyone with a concern about safeguarding issues should ring the Diocesan Safeguarding Office on  0121 230 6240.

AFTER MASS COFFEE DURING THE WEEK - Would parishioners kindly remember to use the Day Chapel entrance to access the lounge for refreshments if Mass has taken place in the Church?  Use the intercom for enquires to the Parish office or if you have mobility difficulties.

SUPPORT FOR YOUR PARISH; THE GIFT AID OPTION - As a member of this parish, if you pay tax on income - be it on wages, salaries, pensions or dividends on investments - it is easy, to increase the value of your weekly parish donation/contribution at no additional cost to yourself.  So, if you have not yet signed up for the Gift Aid option please will you consider opting in to the Gift Aid Scheme now?  All you have to do to begin the process is to call to the parish Office on 0121 706 0505 indicating your intention.  Thank you.  Members of the scheme are asked to update any changes to address or tax situation, in order that accurate records may be kept.

KEEP YOUR VALUABLES SAFE - Please do not leave bags unattended in Church, even at Communion time.  Bags and valuables should not be left on display in cars as this can present a target for thieves.

OPEN HOUSE GROUP - Are you new to the Parish and aged 30+? Do you want to get more involved in Parish Life, but don't know where to start? The Open House Group has recently celebrated its tenth anniversary and its members are involved in various parish activities such as Traidcraft, Christian Aid, the Fast Supper, Welcome and Coffee Bar rotas.  We also have regular meetings in parishioners' homes for spiritual reflection and discussion of topical issues.  If you are interested in joining us please contact the Parish Office for more information.