YOUTH MINISTRY From September 19 to 22 three young religious of France-Spain and Italy met in Pistoia to reflect on the youth camp that was held in the Ivory Coast: Fr. Natale SCJ, Superior, Fr. Simone SCJ, and Br. Severino  SCJ. After prayer together, they made an evaluation of the camp held in Katiola last August. Together they shared the joy of being united once more and  they encouraged each other to go forward in mission.

ORDINATION GOLDEN JUBILEE  on 16th  September in the church of Madonna delle Grazie" Paniga, near lake Como, Fr. Ugo Donini SCJ, Fr. Francesco Radaelli SCJ (Ex Superior General who visited Olton Friary many times) and Fr. Alessandro Paniga SCJ celebrated 50 year of priesthood. Please keep them in your prayers.

CJM at Holy name- Our parish in Great Barr is hosting a CJM Concert on Saturday 20 October at 7.30. How can we keep from singing  is an evening with Jo Boyce and friends Tickets £6 from 01675 466254 or

HARVEST FESTIVAL MASS will take place 9.00 this Sunday, later than other parishes, so we can mesh with OLC school plans.

CHRISTMAS BAZAAR will take place on Saturday 1st December at OLC school from 12 noon.  We are looking for people to help set up, run stalls and clear away on the day. Please leave your contact details with the Parish office if you are able to help or donate a Raffle prize.  List of requested donations for stalls next week.

YOUR SCHOOL NEEDS YOU—OLC are looking for foundation Governors. If you can give 3/4 evenings per term and a visit to school per term and want to give our children the best education we can, and if you are a baptised, practising Catholic and would like to know more please call Paul Gray, Chair of governors via Parish Office.

HOUSEBOUND— We pray for Robert Swales, Ruth Evetts, Eddie Martin, Christine Butler, Kathleen Frain, Louis Loughran, Tony Bower, James J McCullagh, James Delaney and the residents of Willow Grange, Mereside Home & St Bernard’s Residential Home.  If anybody knows of a parishioner who is housebound and wishes to receive Communion at home can they please advise Fr. Austin or the Parish office.

JOURNEY IN FAITH – Continues tomorrow 8.00 pm in the Friary Library. For all who are interested in being received into the catholic church, for family & friends & sponsors and  all who are interested in deepening their faith. October Dates: 15th Oct: Different paths: other faiths and the uniqueness of Jesus (Fr Austin).  22nd Oct: Faith & science: is there a conflict? (John Wilson).  29th Oct: half term, no meeting.


LECTIO DIVINA — Dates for your diary: October 24th, November 14th and 28th.  All Welcome for a sharing of the scripture in a relaxed meditative atmosphere. No previous experience necessary!

VISITORS– If you wish to gift aid your offertory donation, white visitor envelopes are available in the narthex.

POPE FRANCIS invites us at the conclusion of the Rosary to add the  invocation to the Mother of God, “Sub Tuum Praesidium” as well as the traditional prayer to St. Michael the Archangel, and to pray especially this month for the wellbeing of the church.

CHURCH CLEANING ROTA for week commencing 14th October, Group E.

HCPT —Concert Night with buffet on November 10that 7 pm marking 100 years since the end of WWI. Music & good food. Bring your own drinks. Tickets £10 on sale today. Proceeds to HCPT Lourdes fund

CWL monthly.  Thursday 18th October 7.45 pm.  Social evening with tea, cakes and games.  Everyone welcome.

WORD OF GOD at St. Ambrose Bible stories that connect with our own lives, hopes and disappointments. Every two weeks - Sunday afternoons at 4.30 St Ambrose Barlow Church, 21st October, 4th & 18th November. Contact Sister Angela 0121 706 0446

APPEAL: Did you know Joe Sheridon?  An appeal has been launched to find the family of Joe Sheridon.  This 85-year old man died in hospital in Swindon, Wiltshire, on 24 August 2018.  It is believed Joe had family in the Birmingham area.  The appeal was announced on RTE radio on Wednesday morning.  If you knew Joe, or know of his family’s whereabouts, please contact Betty Mitchell via the parish office who will pass the information on.

WORLD MISSION SUNDAY is next Sunday 21st  October.  Pope Francis invites us all to give to Missio, his official charity for overseas mission.  Your gift next Sunday will help brave apostles building a future of hope in places where danger abounds. This  day unites Catholics world wide in prayer, celebration & care for our mission.  You can Gift-Aid donations by using envelopes provided by Mission .  Thank you.

THE WINNING OSCAR - Today Pope Francis declares Bp. Oscar Romero a saint. This holy man, and friend of the poor was martyred during mass in El Salvador in 1980

PRISONERS WEEK This year prisoners week will be a little delayed because of changes to our Sunday programmes, but we plan to hold Prisoners Sunday later this month, and take a special collection to for the work of PACT with prisoners, ex-prisoners and families. ‘I was in prison and you came to see me’ Matthew 25.36

ST PAUL'S SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, Vernon Road, Edgbaston, B16 9SL will be holding their 6th Form Open Evening on Thursday, 18th October 2018 from 6:45pm-9:15pm.  All current Year 11 aged girls and their parents are welcome to attend.

CANCER RESEARCH UK sent us a big thank-you recently for £287.67 raised through the Sunday coffee bar.

SECRET ARMY We have an army of clandestine volunteers whose élan more than equals that of  the Bletchley Codebreakers.  They work every week at odd hours to keep our church clean & tidy & decorated. You rarely see them at work but if they weren't there we we’d soon know about it. If you can spare some time to serve the Lord and his people, and help the secret army once a month please call the parish office this week.

PRISONERS WEEK This year prisoners week will be a little delayed because of changes to our Sunday programmes, but we plan to hold Prisoners Sunday later this month, and take a special collection to for the work of PACT with prisoners, ex-prisoners and families. ‘I was in prison and you came to see me’ Matthew 25.36

THE SICK OF OUR PARISH - If your name or the name of a friend or relative was on the parish list of prayers for the sick, and you would like that name to remain on the list, would you please contact the Parish Office on 0121 706 0505.  Data protection law obliges us to ensure that you or your friend or family member has consented to being on the list, as it can be seen by many, (e.g. church notice board) and is available for anyone to pick up.  We make great efforts to ensure the church abides by new data protection and privacy law.

PARISH GIFT AID —Members please inform Parish Office of any changes to your address or tax situation in order that accurate records may be kept.  If you wish to join the Gift Aid Scheme, the forms are available at the back of Church, or please contact Rheann Byrne 0121 706 0505.

THE WAR TO END ALL WARS As the centenary of the 1918 Armistice approaches we are all very conscious of the tragedy of WWI.  Our children are learning all about this at OLC school and we will have the traditional silence before 11.00 mass on Sunday 11th Nov. Various events in Solihull will commemorate this day, including our own parish concert night on November 10th.

CAR PARK—Please be considerate when parking/manoeuvring your car and please note there is no parking in either the Community and Staff designated areas and the front & rear of The Friary Residential block.  When parking on a Sunday, please do not park on or drive over the grass adjacent to the gate leading into the graveyard.  Only authorised cars to park at other times, by arrangement with the Parish Priest.

A HELPING HAND - Many thanks for your kind help and support to keep the Church tidy after each Sunday Mass by placing your hymns books (and other sheets if taken) back on the trolley in the narthex, please also take your newsletter home with you!

PAYMENTS BY CHEQUE - To help us pay in cheques at the bank, please note that cheques for Mass Intentions or members of the Community should be made out to 'Sacred Heart Fathers and Brothers'.  All other payments for the Parish should be made out to 'Olton Friary Church'.  Thank you.

ST PEREGRINE DEVOTIONS  A time to offer prayers for anyone who is sick and needs help and consolation.  There has been a prayer group here at the Friary over the last few years to support our brothers and sisters who are, or know anyone who is suffering from illness.  We meet every last Friday in the month at 2.30 pm in the Chapel at the Friary when we offer our prayers and petitions to St Peregrine.  St. Peregrine himself lived in the 14th Century in Italy and was cured of cancer after a night of prayer before an image of Christ crucified.  You will be most welcome to join us as we pray together.  In true Catholic tradition we always finish with tea and a chat.  Please contact Stella, if you would like any more information.

SUBMISSIONS FOR PARISH NEWSLETTER - Please forward submissions for the Parish newsletter (preferably by email to by Wednesday for inclusion in Sunday's newsletter. 

VISITORS - If you wish to gift aid your offertory donation, white visitor envelopes are available in the narthex.

VEHICLE CRIME ALERT - The neighbourhood Policing Team would like to draw your attention to an increase in vehicle crime in the area.  5 crime reduction tips—ALWAYS close the windows and doors in your vehicle, DON'T leave any valuables on display and where possible do not leave ANY valuables in the vehicle such as Satnavs, Mobile Phones, Wallets, Purses, Bags or iPods, ENSURE your registration plates are fixed using 'anti tamper screws', KEEP your car keys in a safe place in your house.

SAFEGUARDING - In this parish there have been strict guidelines in place for several years for the protection of children and vulnerable persons.  Anyone with a concern about safeguarding issues should ring the Diocesan Safeguarding Office on  0121 230 6240.

AFTER MASS COFFEE DURING THE WEEK - Would parishioners kindly remember to use the Day Chapel entrance to access the lounge for refreshments if Mass has taken place in the Church?  Use the intercom for enquires to the Parish office or if you have mobility difficulties.

SUPPORT FOR YOUR PARISH; THE GIFT AID OPTION - As a member of this parish, if you pay tax on income - be it on wages, salaries, pensions or dividends on investments - it is easy, to increase the value of your weekly parish donation/contribution at no additional cost to yourself.  So, if you have not yet signed up for the Gift Aid option please will you consider opting in to the Gift Aid Scheme now?  All you have to do to begin the process is to call to the parish Office on 0121 706 0505 indicating your intention.  Thank you.  Members of the scheme are asked to update any changes to address or tax situation, in order that accurate records may be kept.

KEEP YOUR VALUABLES SAFE - Please do not leave bags unattended in Church, even at Communion time.  Bags and valuables should not be left on display in cars as this can present a target for thieves.

OPEN HOUSE GROUP - Are you new to the Parish and aged 30+? Do you want to get more involved in Parish Life, but don't know where to start? The Open House Group has recently celebrated its tenth anniversary and its members are involved in various parish activities such as Traidcraft, Christian Aid, the Fast Supper, Welcome and Coffee Bar rotas.  We also have regular meetings in parishioners' homes for spiritual reflection and discussion of topical issues.  If you are interested in joining us please contact the Parish Office for more information.