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If you are interested in booking the church hall for any occassion you should find all the information you need on this page.

You can also contact the office if you have any other questions.

All regular bookings in Olton Friary Church Hall are listed below in this table. This does not show one-off event bookings. Please consult this table before contacting the parish office with enquiries and to request further booking details.

Note that children’s party bookings on a Saturday are 4-hour block bookings, and parties on Sundays must take place 1:30-5:30.











Main Hall


No Booking allowed before 10:30 due to cleaning.


Zumba 1:30-2:30




Zumba 7:00-8:00





Ballroom and Latin Dance Class 10:30-12:00


U3A Quiz (2nd Tuesday)


Yoga 5:45-7:00


Ballroom and Latin Dance Classes 7:30-9:30


Stroke Club 9:00-1:30



Slimming World 2:30-8:30




Zumba 11:00-12:00


U3A Quiz (2nd Thursday)



Fitness Pilates (term time) 6:30-8:30



Yoga 10:45-12:00







Friday Evenings reserved for Parish activities



Coffee after Mass 8:30-1:00








Coffee after Mass 5:30-8:00


Weekly bookings   Monthly bookings    Church Bookings


Hall Information

Hall size - 72ft 6 inches x 23ft 6 inches.  11ft 7 inches tall.

There is room for small indoor Bouncy Castle.

Hall bookings do not include use of the outside lawns.

Kitchen equipped with -:  sink, serving hatch, electric cooker, fixed water heater (urn), fridge with freezer, microwave, toaster, mop, bucket, and brooms for clearing up. 

Please bring your own provisions for tea/coffee, squash, plastic cups, spoons etc.

Chairs- 82 stacked in 8’s. Size: 8 x 12 x 3

Tables- 14 tables -  23.5” wide X 47.5” long (59cm wide X 120 cm long)

Fire extinguishers x 4

Do not use smoke machines as it will set off the smoke alarms.

Two porter trollies including one for chair stacks. 

Please do not drag tables or chairs across the floor as this may damage the surface of the floor.

Equipment is provided to clean the hall and kitchen floor after use.

At the end of booking, please ensure the bins are emptied into the outside wheelie bin located opposite the hall entrance behind the hedge.

Do not alter the heating controls.  If there is a problem contact one of the Community members by pressing the intercom on the house or dialling 0121 706 0505.


Lettings Policy


  1. The charge to be paid at the time of booking.  (This includes 40% non-returnable booking deposit).
  2. To accept responsibility for any breakage/damage to property. A deduction will be made from the security deposit for any loss or damage to property.  Should the cost of repair, replacement or cleaning exceed the deposit paid, the Church will be reimbursed in full by the hirer.
  3. To clear away and leave hall/room in an acceptable state of cleanliness.
  4. The Friary accepts no responsibility for accidents to persons or property unless caused by our negligence. 
  5. The Room must be vacated on time and left in a clean and tidy condition.
  6. No smoking will be permitted inside the buildings.
  7. No open fires, candles, smoke machines or unauthorised electrical equipment shall be used on the premises.
  8. Noise levels must be contained to a reasonable level at all times bearing in mind that this building is also a home.
  9. If the Hirer wishes to provide public music, dancing or other public entertainment, the Hirer must first obtain any necessary licence.
  10. The Hirer personally must pay for all damage caused to any property as a result of the hiring,
  11. The Friary will provide a clean and tidy room, all heating and lighting, use of lavatories and use of the kitchen, 
  12. For safety and hygiene reasons, children under 14 are not permitted in the kitchen.
  13. The Hirer can contact one of the Community at all reasonable times (on telephone number 0121 706 0505)
  14.  No posters or signs of any description (except those advertising church events) shall be placed on the church frontage on St Bernard’s Road without the permission in writing of the Parish Priest.
  15. Any posters or signs placed on the church frontage with the permission of the Parish Priest shall be removed promptly by the hirer after the event to which they relate.
  16.  Any posters or signs placed on the Church frontage without the permission of the Parish Priest may be removed without notice.



The booking is subject to a security deposit in cash  The security deposit will be available to be returned within 14 days of the hiring less reasonable deductions for any damage or breakages caused to any Friary property as a result of the letting.


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