Vocation Prayer

A Prayer for Mission Vocations

God our Father, you will all men and women to be saved and come to the knowledge of your Truth.
Send workers into your great harvest that the Gospel may be preached to ever creature and your people, gathered together by the Word of life and strengthened by the power of the Sacraments, may advance in the way of salvation and love.
I ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.


Prayer of a Married Couple

Lord God, we acknowledge your greatness and our need for your grace in our marriage. We thank you now for the gift you have given us in each other, this opportunity to love and be loved completely. We accept this beautiful challenge and ask you to bless us. May our love encourage us to grow to be holier individuals, bringing out the best in each other. Following your example, Jesus, may we be quick to forgive, ready with a healing word or touch. Teach us to speak to each other with charity and honesty.
Help us avoid the temptation to take each other for granted. Instead, remind us, day by day, to see each other as you see us. May we be as patient with each other as you are with us. May our love be generous, reaching out beyond ourselves to all we meet. We pray that they may meet you in us. Let our life together be a light of hope to those who fear that a total commitment is not possible today. Faith gives us courage, for we believe that the love that comes from you is freeing and life-giving. Lord, be a partner with us in our marriage; with your help it will be strong and enduring. We rejoice that you have brought us together. May we always be one in you. Amen.


Single Persons Commitment To God

Dear Lord, I have come to recognise and accept that my heart’s desire is to serve You, from this day forward, with every part of my being, to present my body as a living sacrifice unto You for the rest of my life. Lord, I know that this is a big step to take and few will understand, and I know that I can only take this step of faith in the power of Your Holy Spirit living in and working through me.

Lord, I want to offer my life to You, to use as You will, and I pray Lord that You would use me body, soul and spirit to Your praise and glory. May I be willing to go where You lead, even when it is not what I expected, and keep teaching and training me I pray, to live and move and work and expend my life entirely for Your service, relying on You and resting on the promises of Your Word.

Let me also be willing Lord, to follow Your guidance in the area of relationships. May I be willing and able to live for the rest of my life in my current state of singleness, but also may I be willing and open to Your guidance, should You choose otherwise. Lord, into Your hands I commit my future life for I desire to live as You deem best, in the place of Your choosing and in whatever state that You choose for me.

Teach me Lord, to listen to the promptings of Your voice, so that I may live by faith and not by sight. Lord, I want to please You and I know that without faith it is impossible to please You, so give me faith that honours You, I pray. I know in my heart that you desire all Your children to live by faith, trusting Your Word and acting upon it without questioning or hesitation, and so I pray that my faith in You may stand the test of time, and withstand the enemies of doubt and unbelief, to Your praise and glory.

Lord, may all I say and do and am from this day forward, be pleasing in Your sight, and may You be glorified through my life. Amen.


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